our story

Once you've been pampered it's hard not wanting to relive those moments. Whether it be your first pedicure, facial, or full body massage, you never forget those relaxing hours.

Being a college student and splitting my time and energy between school, organizational meetings, dance practices, and work, I found myself longing for the next opportunity to be pampered. In an area that didn't seem to fulfill my needs within my budget (because I am still a college student), I was forced to become innovative in an effort to reach the level of tranquility I had once received. 

I will admit I am addicted to getting my feet done. Nothing soothes me more than the exfoliation, aroma, and moisture from the scrubs used during a pedicure. Since i knew exactly what I was looking for and didn't have the means to visit a spa, I created a foot scrub for myself. I went into my kitchen and mixed almost everything in sight. I grabbed things gritty and soft, bought ingredients with subtle and potent aromas, and through a little trial and error my concoction delivered.

Due to a mixture of enervation, resourcefulness, and a slight addiction to self indulgence, I was able channel my troubles into a hobby. I remember an urge of creativity striking me as I did my research and met with colleagues. I started making scrubs for my face and my acne began to clear, then i started making scrubs for my entire body and I no longer needed to buy lotion or moisturizers alike. I shared my success with a few close friends and before I knew it everyone wanted to try my creation.

To know that people were looking for the same feeling I was, and knowing that I was the only person capable of fulfilling that desire flooded me with an emotion I had never experienced before. It was more than excitement, and far beyond joy or plain happiness.. And in that moment I knew what I would call my products. Euphorik